After Dhoni, Kohli, Hardik Pandya were told by former England captain Michael Vaughan the next global star.

Hardik Pandya

After Dhoni, Kohli, Hardik Pandya were told by former England captain Michael Vaughan the next global star.

Bhopal, Desk Report. Indian Cricket Team Player Hardik Pandya played a brilliant knock against Australia (Australia) in the second T20 match on Sunday, scoring 42 runs from 22 balls. ), After which former England captain Michael Vaughan praised Hardik Pandya, saying that first Mahendra Singh Dhoni will now be Virat Kohli and further Hardik Pandya will be a global superstar.

Hardik Pandya Short Bio:

Hardik Pandya bio
Hardik Pandya Cricketer

Hardik Pandya was born in Surat, Gujarat, on 11 October 1993. His dad Himanshu Pandya runs in Surat, a small car financing firm. When Hardik was 5, he shut it down to Vadodara, facilitating his sons with better cricket training. In Kiran More’s cricket academy in Vadodara, he registered his two children (Hardik and Krunal). Financially needy, Pandya’s family lived in a rented flat in Gorwa, with their brothers traveling on cricket grounds by a second-hand vehicle. Hardik studied until the ninth grade in MK High School before going out to concentrate on cricket.

In junior cricket, Hardik made steady strides. Krunal said that in club cricket “won a lot of matches single-handedly” Hardik revealed in an interview with the Indian Express his lack of “attitude problems” in the state years. Hardik went on to say that he was just an expressive child,” who was not like hiding his emotions.”

Hardik had been a leg spinner up to the age of 18, his father said. At the insistence of Baroda’s mentor Sanath Kumar, it turned to fast bowling.

Michael Vaughan says about Hardik Pandya:

Michael Vaughan also said that Hardik Pandya had a big chance to replace Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli as the next global superstar. There are 2 ICC events to be held in India over the next 3 years. Furthermore, in his film, Michael Vaughan said that Hardik Pandya had to see the next three years. He also said that the next T20 World Cup would be held in India, while the IPL will be held in India. If the 2023 50-plus World Cup is also in India, then Hardik Pandya will have the next global star. There is an excellent chance to become a (Global Star).

Michael Vaughan says about Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Michael Vaughan also said that Mahendra Singh Dhoni had been a superstar for several years; his title is now Virat Kohli, but I think that Hardik Pandya would have the chance to become the next superstar. Let us know that Team India all-rounder Hardik Pandya is not unaware of the finishing capability in the match. The former England captain named Pandya as the next global star of the cricket world. He said that Hardik could make him the biggest star of cricket in the coming years, replacing Virat Kohli.

Please tell that Hardik Pandya’s bat has been going on since the IPL. In the three ODIs against Australia, Hardik Pandya scored 90,28, and 92 inputs. So far in the T20 matches, Hardik Pandya has scored 16 and 42 not. It is to be known that when Team India suffered a 1-2 defeat against Australia in the ODI series, then former captain Michael Vann predicted that Australia would beat India in all three formats, which proved to be wrong. Happened.