The day when US President Donald Trump is finally leaving the White House

US President Donald Trump is finally leaving the White House
US President Donald Trump is finally leaving the White House
[Washington, 15th] –The day when US President Donald Trump is finally leaving the White House is about to come. But he won’t “disappear quietly.”

The day is finally coming when US President Donald Trump will leave the White House on December 15. Taken on the 12th at the White House.

Mr. Trump

Mr. Trump will be on January 20th next year as all the court battles that Mr. Trump tried to overturn the election results on November 3 failed, and the election vote on the 14th of this week officially decided the victory of Democratic candidate Biden. After the day, go down to the field.

Trump behaves:

There are many options for how Mr. Trump behaves. While he has been elected president in 2024 and entered the media industry, he is also facing the fear of being judged by the law and the challenges of business.


The only thing that is clear is that given Mr. Trump’s personality, which always wants to be noticed, he will never emulate how he spent his time after the resignation of the president in the past. For example, I can’t imagine a scene similar to George W. Bush (child) quietly messing with paintings or Jimmy Carter steadily engaging in international peace activities.

After all, Mr. Trump’s future seems to be accompanied by the hustle and bustle of his presidency.

However, Mr. Trump does not have full control over such a future world. Both civil and criminal proceedings await pre-presidential actions and family-owned activities, which could accelerate at once without special legal protection as president.

Presidential Election:

Mr. Trump is looking at a number of ways to stay in the spotlight. He told his aides that he was thinking of running again for the presidential election. Instead of not attending Mr. Biden’s inauguration ceremony scheduled for January 20, next year, he also mentioned a plan to announce that he would be in the next presidential election for the next 24 years on that day. If that happens, we can continue to hold the noisy political rallies that have been held in 2016 and 20.

Re-running can be said to be Mr. Trump’s favorite “unconventional”. Indeed, the US Constitution allows one person to serve as president for two terms, which does not necessarily have to be continuous. However, in history, Grover Cleveland is the only president to take office for the second term after retiring. Cleveland was defeated for reelection and returned in 1893 after leaving the White House in 1889.

Mr. Trump has already set up a political action committee (PAC), which allows him to raise funds and exert influence within the Republican Party every day after leaving the White House, whether or not he actually runs next time.

Rona McDaniel:

Recently, Rona McDaniel, who is very close to him, has taken a stance of supporting the reappointment of the Republican National Committee (RNC) chairman, and the public has a glimpse of the desire to maintain political influence. The RNC will vote to reappoint Mr. McDaniel in late January next year, and it will be immediately tested whether Mr. Trump’s prestige remains and whether Republicans will move at his will.

About Tv:

US President Donald Trump is finally leaving the White House
US President Donald Trump is finally leaving the White House

Trump, who suddenly became a TV hit on the reality show The Apprentice, has also been sought to launch his own media to stay in the spotlight, testified by several advisors.

There is also the idea of using new channels or social media to become a media competitor that Mr. Trump thinks has been betrayed. When it comes to a new TV station, the target will be Fox News, which has been complaining about a lack of support for itself since the presidential election. According to his aides, Mr. Trump is particularly angry with FOX for beating Mr. Biden, Arizona, relatively early in the ballot counting process. Biden eventually won the state, but most other television stations were confirmed days later than FOX.

Mr. Trump has existing media outlets such as One America News Network and Newsmax that provide extremely positive coverage and may work with them.

Social Media:

He is also discussing with his advisor the establishment of social media to challenge Twitter. Twitter has attached a warning that repeated fact-finding is needed for Mr. Trump’s post, which claims that the election was fraudulent without evidence.

Meanwhile, Mr. Trump has been hit hard financially. This is because the presidential stance of inciting division has hurt his business brand, and the pandemic of the new coronavirus has hurt the real estate, travel, and leisure sectors.

In September, Forbes, a US economic magazine, estimated that Mr. Trump’s assets had decreased by $ 600 million (about 62 billion yen) from the previous year to $ 2.5 billion. The New York Times (NYT) reported that Mr. Trump has personally guaranteed $ 421 million to the companies he runs.

Mr. Trump will also have to deal with several legal issues after he retires.

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New York-Manhattan Prosecutor Cyrus Vance, the Democratic Party, is continuing a criminal investigation into Mr. Trump and his family-owned company, the Trump Organization.

The initial focus was on the “stop fee” paid to two women who claimed to have had sexual relations with Mr. Trump before the 2016 elections. However, Mr. Vance explained in a recent court filing that the scope of the investigation has expanded and may focus on banking, tax, and insurance fraud and falsification of business reports. Mr. Trump has criticized these investigations as politically motivated harassment.

New York Attorney General Letitia James, also a Democrat, is investigating tax fraud against Mr. Trump and his family business. Mr. Trump’s former corporate lawyer, Michael Cohen, was the catalyst for the parliament, and Mr. Trump inflated the asset value to save on loan and insurance costs and to reduce the real estate tax burden. He testified that he had underreported.

Trump Organization:

The Trump Organization claims it is a politically motivated investigation. The New York Attorney General’s investigation is civil and could result in fines, but not imprisonment.

Mr. Trump has also been sued by two women for defamation on suspicion of sexual assault, and his niece Mary Trump has been sued for unfairly robbing a family-owned company.

The Justice Department may also prosecute Mr. Trump for criminal charges of evading federal income tax. The NYT recently revealed that Mr. Trump paid only $ 750 in income tax in 2016 and 2017.

Mr. Trump has denied the report, and it is unknown if there was any illegal activity. There will be controversy as the Justice Department moves to prosecution. In fact, Mr. Biden has also taken a cautious stance on the issue, questioning whether it makes sense to prosecute it. However, Mr. Biden has also asserted that he will not take the decision of the Justice Ministry.