Anga Tanaka: Declaring next year’s aspirations as “marriage”

Anga Tanaka: Declaring next year's aspirations as
Anga Tanaka: Declaring next year's aspirations as "marriage"

Anga Tanaka:

Anga Tanaka: Declaring next year’s aspirations as “marriage” … “I’ll definitely overturn!” In the appraisal of a popular fortune teller.

Takushi Tanaka (44) from Ungirls, a comedy duo, will appear live on Fuji TV’s “Saturday is Nani !?” (8/30 before Saturday) on the 26th. Although he mentioned “marriage” as his aspiration for next year, he was shocked to find out his “fortune in 2021” appraised by a popular fortune teller.

At the beginning of the program, Ryota Yamasato, who is in charge of MC, asked Tanaka about his aspirations for next year, and immediately answered, “It’s a marriage.” Recently, he mentioned that some people reported that he was a “good-looking guy” and said, “It’s news, but everyone is watching, that?” And said, “I don’t come to me at all. Is it 0 views?” It hasn’t changed much, “he twisted his head. The co-star encouraged me that 2021 is still more than a year old, but he complained, “That year is so fast.”

After that, who reported the result of the popular fortune-teller Hitomi Hoshi appraising the six program performers’ fortunes next year in the studio. When who announced that the worst thing was Tanaka, he strongly declared, “Why am I? I will never forgive you; I will definitely overturn it!”

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Tanaka heard the appraisal result that “If the woman’s luck is bad, the flow of human relations will shift or it will be a year of trouble. You will lose sight of your happiness compared to those around you.” “I’m going to marry Hitomi Hoshi, overturn everything,” he raised the plan and invited laughter.

The “avoidance method” to change the flow of luck is to have a fan of “blue,” which is Tanaka’s lucky color, to clean up and cut off by the end of the year. Tanaka grinned, “Blue fan !? It gives you a feeling of great power.” He also introduced other performers as “evenly lucky,” and Tanaka protested, “that’s so sly,” and Boyaki couldn’t stop.