Doctor warns of serious consequences of mild coronavirus

Doctor warns of serious consequences of mild coronavirus
: KIM KYUNG-HOON / Reuters

Japanese doctor Koichi Hirahata warned of the serious consequences of a mild form of coronavirus. A specialist from the Tokyo Hirahata clinic told RIA Novosti about this.

Hirakata noted that the consequences of the illness for many patients are often worse than the virus itself. According to him, more than a third of those who showed the coronavirus’s effects became bedridden after the disease. The doctor also said that even those who have been lying with a temperature for only one day or have had no symptoms at all face serious consequences.

Thus, among patients suffering from the coronavirus’s consequences, 97.1 percent complain of weakness, 86.8 percent of depression, and 83 percent of “head fog.” Symptoms also include headache, insomnia, difficulty breathing, lack of appetite, hair loss, and pain throughout the body.

The specialist added that relatively young people up to 40-50 years old mainly suffer from the disease’s consequences in a mild form: they make up more than 80 percent of the sick. He also stressed that women face this ailment one and a half times more often than men.

Earlier, an immunologist-allergist, Vladimir Bolibok, said that gastrointestinal symptoms are most typical for young patients with coronavirus. He added that children and adolescents often suffer from abdominal pain, loose stools, loss of appetite, and heartburn.

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