Tokyo Metropolitan New Corona Newly confirmed over 1,300 infections First over 1,000

medical care provision system is in crisis
medical care provision system is in crisis

According to interviews with related parties, the number of people confirmed to be infected with the new coronavirus on the 31st in Tokyo is more than 1,300, which is the largest number ever. It is the first time in Tokyo that the number of people exceeds 1000 per day.

Infection with the new coronavirus is spreading rapidly in Tokyo, and the number of people in the 900s and 800s is increasing every day in December.

Under these circumstances, on the 31st of New Year’s Eve, it was found by interviewing the people concerned that the number of people confirmed to be infected in Tokyo was more than 1,300.

This is the first time in Tokyo that the number of people exceeds 1,000 per day, which is significantly higher than the highest number of 949 people on the 26th of this month.

Also, even if you look at each day of the week, it will be the 17th consecutive day to update the record high.

Governor Koike:

Governor Koike said at an extraordinary press conference held on the 30th, “The third wave of unprecedented size is attacking. It is a diversion whether this year-end and New Year holidays can stop the spread of infection. I want you to give priority to life.” He urged him to spend the year-end and New Year holidays quietly at home and not to hold year-end parties, new year parties, and dinner parties.

Governor Koike “Please refrain from going out such as countdown tonight”
Governor Koike of Tokyo said, “I would like to reiterate that there are no year-end and New Year holidays in Corona. The spread of infection is extremely difficult during this cold season. There may be a countdown tonight, but please refrain from doing so. It seems that shopping is very dense here and there. I would like you to send a quiet New Year with your family at “Stay Home“. “
Expert “A state of great concern because it is a rapid increase'”

Professor Atsuro Hamada of Tokyo Medical University, who is familiar with infectious diseases, said, “I didn’t expect to exceed 1,000 people so quickly. The number of 1,300 people seems to have increased suddenly even though the high level continued, and it was a” rapid increase. ” If this pace continues, it could lead to a so-called infectious outbreak, which is a very worrying situation. “

In addition, regarding the mutated virus that is spreading in the United Kingdom and other countries, “I am worried about the relationship with the mutated strain when I see how it is increasing today. I can’t, so I need to monitor it closely. “

Professor Hamada:

On top of that, Professor Hamada said, “In Tokyo and the entire metropolitan area, the number of people in the city has decreased slightly, but I feel that there are still many people. I think that many people are refraining from moving across prefectural borders. It doesn’t mean that you can move to Tokyo. It’s not good to invite various people to a New Year’s party. I want people who are always facing to face to celebrate the New Year in a small way.

Also, after the New Year holidays After January 4th, when work begins, people will gather in the workplace, so the infection may spread further. The situation is such that the national response such as the declaration of emergency and the response of each local government should be taken a little stronger. I think it’s gone. “