The head of the Armenian village Shurnukh announced the arrival of the Azerbaijani military

Armenian village Shurnukh announced the arrival of the Azerbaijani military
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Azerbaijani military:

YEREVAN, January 2 – RIA Novosti. Head of the Armenian border village of Shurnukh, Syunik region, Hakob Arshakyan, said that on Saturday the Azerbaijani military entered the settlement.

According to Sputnik Armenia, earlier representatives of the Azerbaijani troops said that part of the village of Shurnukh was transferred to Azerbaijan, and residents of several houses should leave them within 24 hours. The agency reported that the villagers blocked the highway from Goris to Kapan for several hours in protest against the Armenian authorities’ passivity in this matter. Later, Arshakyan told the agency that residents of 12 “disputable” houses should have stayed in Shurnukh until at least 2-3 January with the mediation of the Russian side.

Entered the village:

“It’s all over. Azerbaijanis entered the village, equipped a post and gave time until January 5,” Arshakyan said live on Facebook.

He added that when determining the border, the maps of the Soviet General Staff of 1942 are taken as a basis. “I also have these maps, and there the border bypasses the village,” Arshakyan said. He noted that the Shurnukh problem should be a subject of negotiations.

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Foreign Ministry said:

Earlier, the Armenian Foreign Ministry said that Armenia and Azerbaijan have clarified the points of deployment of temporary combat positions in accordance with the trilateral agreement on an armistice in Karabakh. The ministry said that the clarification of positions is associated with the need to demarcate part of the border with Azerbaijan after a number of territories that were previously part of the unrecognized Nagorno-Karabakh Republic and bordering with Armenia were transferred to Baku’s control.

Residents of border settlements in the Syunik region believe that the deployment of new combat posts of the Azerbaijani army threatens their safety. They are holding protests by blocking off streets, demanding to ensure their safety in the process of border demarcation. Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan later stated that the processes taking place on the border with Azerbaijan cannot be considered demarcation and delimitation, they only specify the location of certain border points.