“No more funny”: The criticism of the Weimar crime scene today

criticism of the Weimar crime scene today
criticism of the Weimar crime scene today

What a start to the new Tatort year! With “The Fine Spirit,” the Weimar crime scene takes a spectacular turn. The press reviews.

The new Tatort year starts with the Tatort heute from Weimar. And how! You could spoil a lot for “Der Fein Geist” with Kira Dorn (Nora Tschirner) and Lessing (Christian Ulmen). In the middle of the day, a courier from the security company Geist Security is murdered in front of a jewelry store. But the real case takes a spectacular turn. Only this much can be revealed: In the end, nothing is as it was in the Weimar crime scene. The criticism of the crime scene today on New Years’.

Criticism of the Weimar crime scene today on New Year: “Shrill and weird.”
Joke and love in Weimar – what could fit better in the most humanistic series of crime scenes. The latest installment in the series has the “fine spirit” of humor. Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Shrill and sloping as usual. Berlin newspaper

Dorn and Lessing’s new case, which makes a sharp distinction between gag and seriousness, offers all sorts of invisible moments that only become visible in retrospect. The New Zurich Times

Lessing (Christian Ulmen) and Kira Dorn (Nora Tschirner) in front of the park cave.

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Rating: “The best crime scene from Weimar so far.”

Technically well done, but in terms of content, a rather incoherent potpourri of scenes, peculiarities, and a few highlights. Southgerman newspaper

The fine spirit” is the best crime scene from Weimar so far. star

The film is transformed into a wild, surreal mixture of dreams, wishes, and fears. Editorial network Germany

Tatort criticism: “A cracking start to the year 2021.”
No funnier: The new crime scene with Nora Tschirner and Christian Ulmen is a tricky crime thriller and, for a good reason, hardly funny anymore. The daily mirror

The fine spirit” is a great start to the year of Tatort in 2021. ntv

The Goethe hotspot’s crime scene leaves its storm and stress phase behind and strikes a romantic all-round blow.