Pence welcomed the decision of the group of senators to challenge the election results

President Mike Pence
© RIA Novosti / Sergey Mamontov

President Mike Pence:

MOSCOW, January 3 -. Vice President Mike Pence welcomes the decision of a group of US Republican senators to formally object to the electoral vote on the day Congress approved it on January 6, Hill newspaper reported, citing its chief of staff, Mark Short.

“The Vice President applauds the efforts of the House and Senate members to use the powers they have under the law to file objections and provide evidence to Congress and American citizens on January 6,” Short said in a statement, quoted by the newspaper.

Earlier, the Hill newspaper reported, citing court documents, that Pence refused to review the US presidential election results, which was won by Democrat Joe Biden. According to the publication, lawyers for Texas Rep. Louis Homer and 11 Arizona electors said Pence had turned down their offer to join the effort to revise the election results.

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Pence will chair the Jan. 6 congressional meeting to finalize the electoral vote and declare Biden’s victory, but his role is largely ceremonial.

According to official data, Joe Biden won the United States’ presidential elections, gaining 306 electoral votes from the states against 232 from Trump. Trump does not recognize Biden’s victory. Congress is to approve the January 6 election results.