Everything is just beginning: Etrends News published about life in an era of change

Etrends News published about life in an era of change
Etrends News published about life in an era of change

Etrends News:

I will share your information about Etrends news published about life in an era of change start to now details.

The word of 2020 is uncertainty. Many of us had to rethink everything that we considered unshakable: relationships, work, business, travel, pace and place of life, plans and values.

We thought we understood the principles by which the world around us worked, and believed that we could act and make decisions in accordance with these principles. Many things that would have seemed to us meaningless or simply crazy a year ago are now our daily routine.

Experts will study and assess 2020 for a long time, but we wanted to look at the bigger picture: how do we get through difficult periods in life? What happens to us biologically, emotionally, physically? How do we consume more and more information? How do we joke, communicate, make decisions? How do we think about our future in a world where there are fewer and fewer landmarks? In the end, how do we remain reasonable in all this, and do we remain at all? In the new issue of Etrends news, we tried to answer these and other questions.

This release came out as eclectic as possible: it shows the world in all its volatility, and provides several working tools and practices that will help relieve the stress of eternal surprise and overload. In this issue we argue:

why the era of experts is over

How they were replaced by influencers talked together with marketing consultant Linor Goralik, head of the international laboratory of experimental and behavioral economics at the Higher School of Economics Alexei Belyanin, head of the Hyundai Motor CIS marketing department Anna Panarina and executive director of Sberbank’s integrated communications department Valentin Vasin.

how the modern world affects the evolution of the human race

Doctor of Biological Sciences, a specialist in the field of brain physiology Vyacheslav Dubynin spoke about the destruction of the model of the world, adaptation to uncertainty, and the benefit of anxiety.

what the robots themselves think about trusting algorithms

We talked with the GPT-3 neural network about technological progress, the importance of vaccinations, fears of the future, and encountering aliens.

how to consume media content wisely

Together with experts, we figured out how to recognize misinformation and resist manipulation, and also compiled a guide to developing critical thinking skills.

About trends from five to ten years ago

ETrends decided to find out: which predictions made by experts for the 2020s a few years ago are beginning to come true or have already been implemented, and which ones have remained only the assumptions of futurologists. Experts from the Higher School of Economics helped to figure it out

how science fiction writers get ideas for scenarios of the future from the present.
Well-known writer and scientist Peter Watts spoke in an interview with ETrends about when video games will replace books, why the worst forecasts turn out to be too optimistic, and how he predicted a global pandemic.

About meditative walks that will help you calm down, slow down and become aware of the changes that are taking place.

Anton Kushner, the founder and CEO of the corporate well-being platform “I understand”, told how to enter 2021 with strong mental health.

In the end, everything is just beginning. You need to be ready for anything.

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