Donald Trump’s risky strategy?

Donald Trump's risky strategy
Donald Trump's risky strategy

Donald Trump’s:

As soon as I wrote the title, I regretted it … almost. Can Donald Trump’s visit to Georgia on Monday seriously be considered the product of strategic planning, or was it just another step in this endless farewell tour?

Between whining and disinformation, has the outgoing president served the cause of the two Republican candidates. Do they hope to capture the last Senate seats? By once again shining the spotlight on himself, Donald Trump is diverting attention. If one can think that he galvanizes his supporters, one can also regret that he does not address the real issues.

Republicans Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue have been dragged despite themselves into a minefield because of the president’s words and behaviour. As they neared the finish line, they had to answer questions about the president’s fraud allegations and sidestep the subject of pressure on Georgia’s secretary of state to “find” more. 11,000 votes to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election.

Republicans in the Peach State are well aware that the turnout for this type of election is historical, just as they know black community representatives and young people voted early and in large numbers. According to the most recent data, they are already falling behind, even though the vote in attendance today may allow them to close the gap.

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If Perdue and Loeffler wanted to encourage Republican voter turnout, they probably would have preferred not to remind them of the presidential conspiracy theories that claim the process is fraudulent.

It’s a safe bet that the two candidates wanted to emphasize the importance of the balance of power. If both were to bow, the Presidency and the majority of both Congress houses would be under Democratic control!

One might also think that they would bank on attacks directed against the Democratic agenda and individuals. It is always wise and practical to wield socialism and communism’s scarecrows to discredit Democratic candidates in a state in this region. We have seen this by analyzing the vote of Spanish speakers in Florida.

If the Republican Party were to lose both races in Georgia tonight (or in the next few days, at the rate of votes being counted this year), the blame for the failure would fall at least as much on Trump as it did on both candidates and their organizations.

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Already, the outgoing president had allowed himself a cheerful thumb of the nose to the Republican leader of the Senate, Mitch McConnell, by letting him manage hot potatoes linked to the budget as well as by animating the sling of a few senators who will oppose the confirmation of tomorrow. Joe Biden’s victory. His oversized ego, inability to acknowledge defeat and inclination to whine on social media always could well hurt his party’s chances of preserving a majority in the Upper House.

The most recent polls relayed by the site FiveThirtyEight point to slim advances for the two Democratic candidates. Nothing to confirm a winning trend, but enough to worry the Republicans who will still sit in Washington after Donald Trump’s departure.