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Hokuriku Expressway stuck “When can I go home?”

Hokuriku Expressway:

On the night of January 9, the bus on which the players of the women’s futsal team Fukui Maruoka RUCK got caught up in a large-scale stalling on the Hokuriku Expressway down line in Fukui Prefecture returning from the match venue. With no prospect of the resolution, I’m hungry with sweets. The player injured in the match complained of pain. On the 10th, the morning came in the car and “when can I go home?” She talked about her anxiety.

The chartered bus with 12 players and coaches left the venue in Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture, where the Japan Women’s League (Women’s F League) match was held, around 3:00 pm on the 9th. The expected arrival of the Maruoka Interchange (IC) in Fukui Prefecture was 7:00 pm. He was wary of the effects of snow but thought the highway was safe. The snow on the shoulder of the road became deeper from the vicinity past the Tsuruga IC. Before 7:00 pm after passing the Fukui IC, the convoy stopped completely.

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He gathers information on his smartphone, but he says, “I didn’t know the cause or the prospect of resolution at all.” I ate the drinking water I got at the match venue and the sweets I had bought little by little. Some athletes slept on the floor with cardboard.

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Hail hit the ceiling even in the middle of the night, and the outside of the window was pure white. I was worried. A player who sprained his ankle in the game complained that he was “swelling and hurting.” Another player went out, packed a plastic bag with snow, and iced all night.

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The player said, “It was a relief to be able to move my body because there was plenty of space in the car.” Another player said, “We have friends, but we can’t stand alone.” Many of the team are teenagers and college students who have just graduated from high school. He frequently kept in touch with parents waiting at home and the director accompanying the U15 (under 15) team’s expedition.

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