Mr. Masaon was elected general secretary

Mr. Masaon was elected general secretary.
North Korean Kim Jong Un = 8th, Pyongyang (provided by Korean Central News Agency on 9th) (AFP current affairs)

Mr. Masaon was elected general secretary. Leading personnel at the party convention-North Korea

[Seoul Current Affairs] According to the Korean Central News Agency on the 11th, Kim Jong-un was elected as the party general secretary on the 10th at the Workers’ Party of Korea Convention, which is opening in North Korea. The party rules were revised on the 9th, and the secretariat system was revived for the first time in 5 years. Along with this, Mr. Masaon was unanimously recommended by the general secretary, who is the “leader of the party on behalf of the party.”

Mr. Masaon “U.S. is the biggest enemy” A statement to strengthen nuclear weapons ahead of the inauguration of a new administration

The title of General Secretary has been revived since his father, General Secretary Kim Jong Il, died in 2011. Mr. Masaon has used the titles of “First Secretary” and “Party Chairman” as the head of the party. The inauguration of “General Secretary” seems to have the aim of increasing the authority of Mr. Masaon and strengthening the party-centered administration as a socialist country.

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At the convention, members of the central committee of the party center were also elected. The Central Committee General Assembly was also held under the guidance of Mr. Masaon, and in addition to the members of the political bureau, five members of the political bureau of the party’s highest leadership, including Mr. Masaon, were elected. Former Prime Minister Pak Pong-Ju, who has supported Mr. Masaon for many years, has retired from the managing committee, and Mr. Jo Yong-won, who is said to be an aide to Mr. Masaon, has been promoted to a new managing member.

It seems that Kim Yo-jong, Mason’s younger sister, was removed from the political bureau candidates and demoted. She has strengthened her presence by announcing a discourse that strongly condemned South Korea’s Moon Jae-in government last year, but it is unclear how much she will be able to exert her influence in the future.