India is a threat to both China and Pakistan at the same time: Indian Army Chief

Indian Army Chief General Manoj Mukand Nirvana
Indian Army Chief General Manoj Mukand Nirvana (ANI)

China and Pakistan:

India’s Chief of Army Staff General Manoj Makand Nirvana has said that China and Pakistan together pose a serious threat on two fronts. He said that the question of confrontation on both fronts is a threat that should always be prepared for.

Addressing the Army’s annual press conference, the Chief of Army Staff said that “military and non-military cooperation and collaboration between China and Pakistan have increased significantly. The question of confrontation on two fronts is a threat that we must be prepared for.

In dealing with this threat, we need to look at which front is the biggest threat. The big risk must be dealt with first.

General Nirvana’s statement comes at a time when tensions between India and China continue in Ladakh. Recent satellite imagery shows that in this climate of tension, China is now engaged in large-scale military construction near the northeastern borders of Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh.

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In response to a question, General Nirvana said that China has also built new roads, airstrips and barracks at the points of confrontation in the Central and Eastern Command areas.

China has not yet withdrawn troops from LAC

When the Indian Army was asked if China had recently withdrawn 10,000 troops from the border areas, it replied that these troops had been withdrawn as usual after training and were undergoing training at a considerable distance from the border.

He said China had not withdrawn troops from any of the LAC positions. “More importantly, there has been no reduction in troop numbers in areas where there is direct conflict.” These are the border areas we need to keep a close eye on.

Tensions between India and China have been high since the bloody clashes in the Gulwan Valley in the Ladakh region last June.

Thousands of troops on both sides are facing each other in the mountainous region of Ladakh with full combat readiness. In some places, the armies of the two countries are only a few hundred meters apart. Last week, a Chinese soldier was captured by Indian troops in his area. He was handed over to the Chinese military on Monday after completing the necessary paperwork.

It may be recalled that a few weeks ago, Chinese soldiers were seen in two military vehicles in Indian territory. Forces on both sides are on high alert.

General Nirvana has expressed hope that tensions with China will ease and troops will be able to return to their old positions.

Ajay Shukla, India’s leading military analyst, wrote in a recent article that most of India’s troops were still stationed on the Pakistani front, but that is changing.

According to Shukla, two divisions from the Pakistan front, ie 36,000 troops, are now being deployed on the Chinese front.