Tuchel makes a mistake

Tuchel makes a mistake
Thomas Tuchel: The 47-year-old will take over as head coach at Chelsea. (Source: Dave Thompson / AP / dpa)

He’s one of the best coaches in the world – and yet he’s moving to the English roller coaster club, Chelsea. When your own future is endangered by a snapshot.

With the signing of Thomas Tuchel, Chelsea have achieved a real coup. Because of the native Krumbacher, the Premier League club has one of the best coaches in the world. The 47-year-old is a tactical nerd and motivational artist at the same time – through his jobs in Dortmund and Paris, he has also gained a lot of experience at the top European level. Congratulations Chelsea!

But Tuchel himself made a mistake with this commitment. Because it’s too big for the Londoners.

The British capital club is only one of the better mediocre players in the wide football world. For years you have been chasing your own standards – both in the league and in international competition.

Now one could say that Tuchel has the historic chance to wake the sleeping giant. But how is that supposed to work?

The club is currently in ninth place in the Premier League, and Tuchel will not win the championship title this season. And it will also be very difficult in the years to come. Of course, with Havertz, Werner and Kanté, he has outstanding players in the squad. But the national competition for Liverpool, Manchester United and Manchester City is overwhelming.

In the premier class, there is an early end

And internationally? In the Champions League round of 16, Chelsea will meet Atletico Madrid – the currently outstanding Spanish club, which is seven points ahead of the top of the table in the domestic league. Anything other than the early exit for Chelsea would be a surprise.

Sure: With Tuchel a lot will get better at Chelsea. The passing game will be better, the attacks will be nicer, the fans of the club will quickly recognize the special style of play of the new coach. And yet it will be extremely difficult to win titles with Chelsea. But that is exactly what management expects. A problem.

He should have waited better

Tuchel should have taken a little more time to find the perfect new job for himself. The dismissal in Paris was just a month ago, and much more attractive opportunities could soon arise: Real Madrid and FC Barcelona are also currently chasing their own claims.

Both clubs have been discussing head coaches for a long time. It is quite possible that at least one of them will be released in the coming weeks or months. And a commitment as a coach in Madrid or Barcelona would have been much better suited to Tuchel. Because both clubs usually play at least one level above Chelsea.

And even if none of these opportunities had arisen in the near future, the job as national coach would in all probability still be free from summer.

A job in Madrid, Barcelona, or as a national coach – anything would have suited him better than the job in London. Tuchel should have taken more time.

The move to roller coaster club Chelsea looks like a rash snap shot.