The cold front brings snow and temperature chaos

The cold front brings snow and temperature chaos
The cold front brings snow and temperature chaos


The coming weekend will also present itself from its wintry side in Austria. In addition, large temperature differences are to be expected.

The low “Tristan”, which is currently over the Iberian Peninsula, will shift towards eastern France over the weekend. In the Alpine region, the pressure difference between the north and south sides of the Alps increases. In addition, another low forms over northern Italy on Sunday. This results in strong southern foehn and in turn strong rain in the south of the country. The snowfall line is initially still at around 1,000 meters, but drops rapidly at the beginning of the week with the inflow of cold air, especially in the north.

The night on Saturday is calm and mostly dry. Only from the Mühlviertel over the Waldviertel to the Weinviertel fall a few drops here and there. However, the risk of slipperiness remains extremely low. Fog and high fog fields spread in the lowlands of the north and east.

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On Saturday there is often high fog around the Alps, in the north and east there is often drizzle. In the Waldviertel in particular, there is a risk of freezing rain in the afternoon and at night on Sunday. In the western Alps, the southern foehn is livelier and stronger in the evening, so the sun often shows up from the Bregenz Forest to the Dead Mountains. There is also a brisk south-westerly wind in the southeast.

The southern foehn is driving the temperatures up on Saturday. In the Walgau and the southern Rhine Valley, up to 16 degrees are to be expected. But even in the southeast it remains mild with double-digit plus degrees. In contrast, cold air flows in in the north of the country, in the Waldviertel, around Saturday and Sunday, permafrost sets in again in places. Likewise, the temperatures in the eastern flatlands do not exceed 3 to 4 degrees on Saturday.

On Sunday, a cold front then passed over Austria and the foehn on the north side of the Alps came to an end, and another low formed over northern Italy, which dammed up moist air masses on the south side of the Alps. Already early in the morning heavy rain falls in the south of the country. The focus is on East Tyrol and southern Upper Carinthia, initially freezing rain is not entirely excluded.

The snow line is initially between 1,300 and 1,500 meters, but drops to around 1,000 meters towards evening. During the day, the rain then spreads over large parts of the country, especially in the Waldviertel there is still the risk of slipperiness due to freezing rain. The temperatures reach a maximum of 1 to 15 degrees.

Monday starts off slightly inconsistent with lots of clouds and a few showers. During the day, the tendency to shower gradually decreases, in the north and west the sun increasingly comes out, while it remains cloudy for the longest in the south. The snow line is between 500 and 1,200 meters from north to south. The wind turns from west to northwest and is partly strong, the maximum values ​​are -2 to +9 degrees.