Xiaomi shows a spectacular smartphone without connections

Xiaomi shows a spectacular smartphone without connections


Instead of ports, there should be a four-sided waterfall display on the device, for which Xiaomi has secured 46 patents.

The Chinese cell phone manufacturer Xiaomi has set out in a Weibo post how to imagine future smartphones. The concept mobile phone now presented does not have any ports for cable connections. Instead, the waterfall display spans all 4 sides of the device. According to its own information, the company has secured 46 patents for the cell phone.

A recess for a selfie camera is not visible. This could be under the display, just like the fingerprint sensor.

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Tech blogger Ben Geskin posted a video of the concept on his YouTube channel.

Vivo and Meizu have already experimented with very similar concepts. However, these construction methods have not yet reached the big manufacturers.

Technically, a cell phone without any connections is relatively problem-free. You can charge wirelessly – according to a current Xiaomi concept, even over several meters. The SIM can be attached to the device as an eSim, peripheral devices such as headphones are usually connected via Bluetooth anyway with current cell phones.

From a technical point of view, it is relatively easy to do without buttons by simply placing the elements on the touchscreen and perhaps adding haptic feedback (such as a short vibration).

Serial production

How practical the completely frameless design actually is will only become apparent in the future. It is still unclear whether, when or at what price the concept will ever go into series production.

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