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Vienna: Peaceful student demonstration against deportations

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According to the police, around 400 participants, corona protective measures were well followed.

Several hundred young people demonstrated against deportations on Saturday afternoon on the Ring in downtown Vienna. The wellbeing of children and young people should be given priority in the future and children and young people in training should not simply be deported, it said in the call for the rally. According to the police, the corona measures were well followed and the demonstration was peaceful.

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“Dear government, deportations of children are NEVER okay!”, One could read on banners. The police spoke to the APA about 400 participants. Accordingly, there were no problems with complying with the corona measures such as mouth and nose protection.

The reason for the rally is the deportation of three schoolgirls and their families to Georgia and Armenia. The case of the twelve-year-old Tina is particularly discussed in public. For Wilfried Embacher, the lawyer for the deported family, it is conceivable, according to “Kleine Zeitung” and “Profil”, that an attempt will be made to bring the girl back to Austria by applying for a student visa. A family, where the student could then find accommodation, would be ready, said Embacher.

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