Numerous violations of the vaccination sequence

Numerous violations of the vaccination sequence
Numerous violations of the vaccination sequence

District administrators, police officers, firefighters: In Germany, numerous people have already been vaccinated, although it was not their turn yet. Patient advocates have criticized this sharply and are calling for penalties for people who have not yet had their turn, at least nine federal states have already vaccinated against the coronavirus.

This was the result of research by the news agency DPA. Local politicians, clergymen, firefighters, and police officers came into play even though they do not belong to the first priority group.

Federal Ministry of Health clearly regulated: First of all, people over 80 should be vaccinated in Germany, as well as women and men who have a particularly high risk of infection through their work in hospitals, medical practices, care facilities, or vaccination centers. They belong to the group with the highest priority. The regulation only gives police officers a high priority, district administrators are not listed separately.

Reason: leftover vaccination doses

The reason for the early vaccinations in most cases: At the end of the day there were vaccine doses leftover that one did not want to waste. The vaccine must first be prepared and diluted before vaccination and can then only be kept for a few hours. If people cancel their vaccination appointment, vaccination doses can be leftover at the end of the day. How this should be dealt with is not regulated.

District administrators, mayors, firefighters

In Lower Saxony, for example, the District Administrator von Peine and his deputy were vaccinated. In Saxony-Anhalt it was the district administrator of the Wittenberg district and his deputy, as well as the mayor of Halle and ten city councilors. In North Rhine-Westphalia, among others, the mayor of Hennef, his predecessor and the mayor of Wachtberg received a vaccination. In Bavaria, the district administrator of Donau-Ries and the mayor of Donauwörth were vaccinated.

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It was not just politicians who received premature vaccinations everywhere: In Saxony-Anhalt, Saxony and Hamburg police officers were also vaccinated, in Rhineland-Palatinate fire fighters. In Bremen and Hesse, senior hospital staff are also said to have been vaccinated.

Patient advocates are calling for penalties for those pushing ahead

The German Foundation for Patient Protection demanded the punishment of people pushing forward. “Again and again cases become known that people get unjustified vaccinations,” said board member Eugen Brysch. The vaccine ordinance actually aims at a fair allocation of the vaccine – “therefore it is incomprehensible that Jens Spahn does not include any sanctions for unauthorized vaccinations in his ordinance”. This is not even classified as an administrative offense, criticized Brysch.

In nursing homes and hospitals, the vaccination appointments for those in need of care have to be served first and then the employees have to be looked at, demanded Brysch. In the vaccination centers, it must be expected that not all appointments will always be kept: There could be a waiting list of volunteers from the same vaccination priority group.