Husband kicks pregnant women (32) to death after selfies

Husband kicks pregnant women (32) to death after selfies
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Behind the alleged accidental death of the 32-year-old is said to be a terrible crime. Her own husband is said to have murdered her out of greed.

The couple had vacationed together on the Turkish Riviera in the south-west of the country. Hakan A. (40) and his wife Semra visited the butterfly valley in Fethiye and then hiked to a romantic place with a magnificent view of the nearby bay. But after a few selfies, the Turk is said to have pushed his heavily pregnant wife from a 300 meter high cliff to her death.

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This incident occurred in 2018. Initially, accidental death was assumed but is now being investigated against the 40-year-old on suspicion of murder. Pure greed for money is said to have been the motive for the bloody act because Hakan A. had only recently taken out life insurance in the name of his wife – and was the only beneficiary for the sum insured of 400,000 Turkish Lira (around 47,600 euros today).

During the reconstruction of the course of events, the public prosecutor encountered further evidence. The couple is said to have spent around three hours above the cliffs. The terrible suspicion: Hakan A. wanted to make sure that no other eyewitnesses were around.

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The 40-year-old, who is currently in custody, vehemently denies these allegations: “After she took a picture, she put her phone in her handbag. She later asked me to fetch it,” the alleged killer is quoted as saying: “I got up and after a few steps I heard her screaming behind me. When I turned around, she was no longer there. I didn’t push my wife [off the cliff].”