The size of the irresponsibility that is Corinthians x Palmeiras

Fagner faces rival marking during Palmeiras x Corinthians for Brasileirão Image: Marcello Zambrana / AGIF


Palmeiras decides the Brazil Cup against Grêmio at Allianz Parque. But first he will go to the Neo Química Arena to face Corinthians for Paulista, which has already started in the run-over season to make up for the almost four months stopped due to the pandemic in the calendar. That alone would be absurd, due to the importance of Sunday’s final.

Even considering the forced changes due to the participation of Palmeiras in the World Cup, the Federation of São Paulo should be the first interested in seeing its strong representative in the dispute for a national title. But he insists on keeping the derby on schedule, despite the request. “Few dates, my championship first

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Now, with the Covid-19 outbreak at Corinthians, with 19 cases at CT Joaquim Grava (eight players, eleven employees), maintaining the game is completely absurd. Mainly because Brazil already lives with the new strain of the virus, much more contagious. A minimal protocol failure, which probably needs to be revised due to the new characteristics of the pandemic, and we will have the squad and the staff of the principal club exposed to an even greater risk of contamination.

And Palmeiras can have their team simply shattered for Sunday. Even if contagious from a reservation escalated to the preserved holder. With the chance to close a historic season. Because of a classic irre