International Women’s Day. An unfairly marked holiday.

International Women's Day. An unfairly marked holiday.

International Women’s Day:

Most of us know the abbreviation MDŽ. Likewise, most of us associate it with March 8th. But what is no longer so widely known is the history and original context of this important day. Written by Kristýna Franková.

In the Czech lands, International Women’s Day was devalued during the forty years of socialism. All those born earlier certainly remember the obligatory celebrations in the workplace, red carnations and congratulations on television.

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Does the original meaning of MDŽ return?

International Women’s Day was established at the beginning of the last century and was primarily intended to celebrate the achievements of the women’s movement around the world.

What is our relationship to this important day in the twenty-first century? Is its original meaning returning? And how did Marlene Dietrich contribute to women’s emancipation?

And what will the other stories on the calendar be about? Someone loves him, some damn him. It can ruin a reputation, but it can make a lot of money for its creators.