What candle tomorrow? Is March 10 a lamp? Diyanet 2021 oil lamp days information.

What candle tomorrow? Is March 10 a lamp? Diyanet 2021 oil lamp days information.

What candle tomorrow? Is March 10 a lamp? Diyanet 2021 oil lamp days information:

The question of whether it will be a lamp tomorrow continues to be on the agenda of many Muslims on this day, which has a high spiritual meaning. Many citizens who do not want to miss this special day when their hands will be opened to the sky and prayers will be voiced are looking for an answer to the question of when Miraç Kandili. When will Miraç Kandili, which will be repented and made good wishes, be realized? Here is the detailed information given by the Directorate of Religious Affairs regarding the question of whether it is a candle tomorrow.

According to the information on religious days prepared by the Presidency of Religious Affairs using Hijri Calendar data every year, Miraç Kandili will be realized on Wednesday, March 10th.

To be able to revive the Kandil night; Those who have the opportunity will fast during the day and perform their prayers by praying at home or in congregation at night.

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The persecution and violence inflicted on Muslims by the polytheists in Mecca exceeded the limits of endurance. For three years, Muslims were subjected to a massive boycott that destroyed all human and commercial relations. In the days when the boycott ended, the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) first sent his uncle Abu Talib, who always supported him, and then his beloved wife, Hz. He had lost Hatice. In these days when sadness surrounds the hearts and the hopes are reaching the point of exhaustion, Almighty Allah accepted his native Muhammad Mustafa in his presence and honored him with Isrâ and Mirâç.

In this night full of mercy and wisdom, the Prophet ascended to the skies from the Masjid al-Aqsa and received revelation from Almighty Allah.

The gift of the Ascension is the good news that those who do not associate partners with Allah will be forgiven their sins and will eventually enter Paradise.

Another gift of the inheritance is the last two verses of the Surah Al-Baqara, which begins with the title “Umenarrasulü”. These verses are read every day after the night prayer, and belief is expressed.

Mirâç is to approach Him at every step by responding to the invitation from God Almighty and fulfilling the requirements of servitude. Mirâç, reaching the meaning by moving away from matter; It is to give up the temporal and turn to the eternal.