HSV hopefuls Onana: “A victory for morale”.

HSV hopefuls Onana:
Stand: 13.03.2021 12:12 Uhr

Amadou Onana would not have made it into the HSV starting line-up in the top second division game in Bochum. But because David Kinsombi was out, the teenager moved up – and brought the Hamburgers back into the promotion race.

His goal in the 29th minute, which he scored in the fall and had the video assistant intervene because of suspicion of being offside, gave the Hamburgers the self-confidence they need to underpin their ambitions for promotion against the poisonous Bochumers with the 2-0. HSV is now back on a promotion rank in second place and is only two points away from the league leaders from Bochum.

Onana: How freed after the gate

“The win is really important for the team’s morale,” said the Belgian U19 international. “But we haven’t achieved anything yet and now we have to keep working hard to get through the next tasks.” After scoring his second goal of the season, the teenager was also involved in the second game-changing scene. Danny Blum gripped Onana from behind with a kick in the Achilles tendon and flew off the pitch early (35th). “The greed was there, the will was there. That is the crucial point,” Onana told the NDR and emphasized the teamwork. “You can see how liberated we were after the goal. That has a lot to say about the last few weeks.”

Thioune: “Not much went wrong”

HSV had almost forgotten what victories feel like. The “Rothosen” had not won since January 30th. And even if the promotion aspirant was far from playful glamor on this Friday evening in the Ruhr area and acted frighteningly harmless in excess: The result was finally right. “We played to zero at the back and scored two goals at the front – so it didn’t go too far wrong,” praised coach Daniel Thioune. “Salvation is here.” His counterpart Thomas Reis even briefly took the opponent’s perspective at the moment of the defeat: “The better team didn’t win today,” said the VfL coach, “but HSV has had to experience that in the past few weeks.”

What does the forced break do with pursuer Kiel?

Now Thiounes team has to step up against Heidenheim (March 20th) and in Hanover (April 5th) and keep an eye on the pursuers. It remains to be seen whether the Hamburgers will be able to benefit from the compulsory break of the tied Kielers or whether the “storks” will come back fresh and strengthened from the corona quarantine. The HSV coach is taking a certainty with him into the coming weeks: “The realization was that you don’t need the ball to win a football game.”

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