Is she returning to TV as Bella Block?

Is she returning to TV as Bella Block?
Hannelore Hoger © imago images March 16, 2021, 6:15 PM

Hannelore Hoger shaped the German television landscape in her role of Bella Block for decades. Now it sounds like the popular TV commissioner could soon be celebrating her comeback.
From 1994 to 2018 and in 38 episodes, Hannelore Hoger, 79, played the main character “Bella Block” in a series of the same name. Three years after her last fall, the Commissioner could be called on again. As “Bild” wants to know, there are already talks about a comeback of the show.

Hannelore Hoger has doubts
“There is the thought. But the wish is still the father of the thought,” reveals Hannelore Hoger when asked by the newspaper, but admits doubts. “I don’t think that’s right. ‘Bella Block’ is old and tired. Now she could actually go for a walk,” says the actress.

Even if fans of the series would certainly be happy to see the energetic investigator again, Hoger doesn’t seem to be entirely convinced of the idea of ​​a return. “In the end they wanted to take the man away from Bella, she was no longer allowed to smoke or drink. All I should say was: ‘It’s 2:30 pm, come with me …’ That’s nothing,” she says .

Hannelore Hoger: “I’m still here!”
However, the 79-year-old does not want to completely rule out a TV comeback in her star role. The door is not closed, she explains: “I’m still here! With good scripts, you can wrap any actor around your little finger.”

Fight the kilos
That seems to have recently succeeded with the script for the new “Nord Nord Mord” thriller, in which Hannelore Hoger was seen on Monday, March 15, 2021, as the aunt of inspector Ina Behrendsen. “It gave me great pleasure. We made an effort on set to get along well, even under the strict hygiene measures,” she reports in an interview with ZDF. Because even a pandemic cannot deprive Hannelore Hoger of the courage to face life. “I enjoyed the time on my terrace and went for a walk on the Elbe every day. I paint, I ride my bike in the living room, and fortunately we have a very good neighborhood in my house. I have to fight the extra kilos with intermittent fasting hip – I’m strict with myself now, “she says.

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