Wolves vs Liverpool: Jamie Carragher couldn’t believe Alisson incident wasn’t a penalty.

Wolves vs Liverpool: Jamie Carragher couldn't believe Alisson incident wasn't a penalty.

Wolves vs Liverpool:

Liverpool were under serious pressure to perform at Wolverhampton Wanderers on Monday.

Truth be told, the Reds’ season has fallen to pieces in 2021 and their priorities have shifted from trying to retain their Premier League title to simply qualifying for the Champions League.

But even their new goal is feeling increasingly ambitious with six consecutive defeats at Anfield crippling their form after previously going more than 1,300 days unbeaten on home territory.

Wolves vs Liverpool
However, Liverpool’s away form has at least kept them afloat to a certain degree with wins on the road against Tottenham Hotspur, West Ham United and Sheffield United since the turn of the year.

As a result, there was good reason for Koptes to feel slightly more optimistic upon their trip to Molineux with the potential to usurp Spurs and Everton as their added incentive.

And things were certainly going their way in the opening 45 minutes as they brought a 1-0 lead into the half-time interval, taking the lead in stoppage time courtesy of Diogo Jota’s clinical finish.

Alisson controversy
It was a goal of great significance not only because it saw Jota finding the net against his former employers, but it also marked his first strike since returning from a serious knee injury.

However, there was reason to believe that Liverpool were lucky to carry the lead at half-time because Wolves looked to have a strong penalty appeal within the opening two minutes.

Penalty appeals from the home side fell on deaf ears as Alisson Becker essentially wiped out Nelson Semedo in the box having bungled an attempt to catch a cross from the right-hand side.

The collision was ultimately accidental with Alisson having been thrown off balance by Nathaniel Phillips’ own attempts to win the ball, but it looked like a foul nonetheless.

Carragher thought Liverpool were lucky
Naturally, a debate amongst fans quickly ensued on social media, but there was no doubt in the mind of Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher that his beloved side had gotten away with one.

That’s because the Sky Sports pundit openly admitted that he ‘can’t believe’ that a penalty wasn’t given and speculated whether the referee was prepared to make such a big call so early on.

Be sure to check out Carragher’s analysis down below to see whether it changes your mind on the incident or not:

Sheesh. The world of Premier League refereeing is just so messy these days, isn’t it?

Penalty or not?
As much as justice seems to have been served in Alisson meaning no ill with his tackle, you have to question why it wasn’t punished considering the nature of the modern game.

We do, after all, live in a world where completely accidental handballs and strikers going down at the faintest suggestion of contact are given as spot-kicks, so this decision certainly seems strange.

And although the last thing that Liverpool need right now is to be given another Premier League blow, you can’t help wondering whether they should have been trailing 1-0 within an instant.

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