Tie between Atlético Tucumán and Newell’s

Tie between Atlético Tucumán and Newell's
Photo: Newell's.

Tie between Atlético Tucumán and Newell’s:

Atlético Tucumán and Newell’s Old Boys staged a vibrant 2-2 draw tonight at the José Fierro Stadium, for the seventh date of Zone B of the Professional League Cup.

In a changing match, the Rosario players struck first with Franco Negri’s goal in the first half. The Dean turned it into the complement with goals from Augusto Lotti and Guillermo Ortiz, and at the end Cristian Lema hit the rival area to decree the final result.

With this 2-2, Germán Burgos accumulates his second consecutive draw as Newell’s coach and the team barely has 3 points, against 6 for Atlético Tucumán, who also needed to win to lift their head.

The game got off to an even start because the two looked for it in their own way and Newell’s hit it with a far left foot from Negri, on a play started with a long winger from the right sector.

In addition, Atlético hit an advance with Lotti , who took advantage of Newell’s deconcentration and before Aguerre left, he played on the side to make the tie, at 9.

The local, driven by the goal, went over the rival and only got the second at 35, with a header from Ortiz , after a precise free kick from Aguirre.

Newell’s had to leave after taking refuge when the game was 1-1, and in 40 they made it 2-2, thanks to a half-turn from Lema , after several rebounds on a play that had a response from Lucchetti to a corner kick. by Scocco .

The last five minutes were vibrant because the two went looking for it and were close to winning it, although they lacked serenity to adjust the definition.

Synthesis of the party:

Atlético Tucumán : Cristian Lucchetti; Agustín Lagos, Santiago Vergini, Guillermo Ortiz, Gabriel Risso Patron; Ramiro Carrera, Guillermo Acosta, Abel Bustos, Ramiro Ruiz Rodríguez; Augusto Lotti and Junior Benítez. Technical Director: Omar De Felippe.

Newell’s : Alan Aguerre; Manuel Llano, Manuel Capasso, Cristian Lema, Yonathan Cabral, Franco Negri; Pablo Pérez, Julián Fernández, Jerónimo Cacciabue, Maximiliano Rodríguez; Jonatan Cristaldo. Technical director: Germán Burgos.

Goal in the first half: 33m Negri (N).

Goals in the second half: 9m Lotti (AT), 35m Ortiz (AT) and 40m Lema (N).

Changes in the second half : at the restart, Juan Sforza (N) for Llano; 12m Mauro Formica (N) for Fernández; 17m Juan Pablo Freytes (N) for Negri; 19m Javier Toledo (AT) for Bustos; 28m Ignacio Scocco (N) for Rodríguez, Alexis Rodríguez (N) for Cristaldo, Nicolás Aguirre (AT) for Carrera and Nicolás Laméndola (AT) for Ruiz Rodríguez.

Referee : Yael Falcón Pérez

Stadium : Monumental José Fierro (Atlético Tucumán)

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