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Shahzad Akbar explains that Satya Mafia works through WhatsApp, not on sugar sacks.

Sugar Mafia

Millions of documents related to the speculation mafia have been found in Punjab, bookmakers have already inferred what the sugar rate would be in April, the FIA has lodged more than one FIR against the speculation mafia, the Special Assistant for Accountability talks.

ISLAMABAD: Special Assistant to Prime Minister Imran Khan for Accountability Shehzad Akbar has said that the Mafia works on WhatsApp and not on sugar sacks, it is inevitable to take action against the Mafia after reports. The FIA ​​has registered more than 12 FIRs against the Satya Mafia.

Price of Sugar

According to the details, he said that the job of the speculative mafia is to artificially increase the price of sugar, investigations on the sugar scandal are in full swing, 10.8 big players in Punjab fix the price of sugar, speculative mafia sacks of sugar.

But no WhatsApp works, millions of documents related to the speculation mafia have been found, speculators had already decided what the rate of sugar would be in April.

As said by the Special Assistant, markets and sugar mills influence the price of sugar. The Prime Minister was forced to investigate earlier, which prompted the FIA to fight against the sugar mafia.

Sugar Mills:

The sugar bookies Khurram alias medicine FIA before been staggering revelations, Khurram alias medicine FIA statement stating submitted that sugar hoarding and betting mafia in Punjab sugar Association President And the sugar mills of former PM Nawaz Sharif’s family are involved, I know the network of all the speculators well, the speculators do not allow even a kilo of sugar to reach the real dealers, the owner Javed Kayani, PML-n leader, former Finance Minister Ishaq Dar is directly available when Javed Kayani also accused al-money laundering case and Punjab president suger Association, in addition, Jahangir TareenMills also has close ties with speculators.

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