Stephen Curry used to be jealous of LeBron James

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Regardless of the fact that Stephen Curry and LeBron James are two of the most amiable players in the NBA today, there has always been that lingering Steph vs. LeBron narrative that never seems to completely die off. I guess that’s only natural between two of the best players of their generation.

In a recent interview, the Golden State Warriors superstar admitted that he actually had some jealous feelings towards LeBron early on in his career. Curry has since learned to embrace his shortcomings and this has emerged as one of the major stepping stones he used to evolve into the great player he is today:
“The biggest piece of advice for any young kid that’s playing the game is be comfortable with who you are as a basketball player,” Curry said on a recent appearance on The Rex Champan Show. “I had some temptations of like, ‘I wish I could dunk! I wish I could just drive down the lane.’ You always get fascinated by what you can’t do.
“The bigger point is like I’ll see LeBron and I wish I could do some of the stuff he can do physically and you kinda get wrapped up in and distracted by that. At the end of the day, I am my own type of basketball player. I’ve got to do what I can to be successful. So I guess that’s the message.”
This is a very humble admission from Stephen Curry and an extremely useful bit of advice too. Even the greatest shooter of all time apparently had his own insecurities early on.
Steph may not have the physical gifts LeBron was bestowed with, but it is also clear that his shooting acumen is something that nobody in the history of the sport has ever come close to.

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