Scottie Pippen’s emotional reaction to Chicago’s tribute to son

Bulls, Scottie Pippen


We received some tragic news on Sunday when Chicago Bulls legend Scottie Pippen announced that his son, Antron, had passed away at the age of 33. The Bulls honored the untimely death of Antron in a recent home game, and Scottie himself caught wind of the endearing gesture.

Pippen took to Twitter to share his gratitude for the Bulls organization as well as to everyone who has given his family some much-needed support in these trying times:

Thank you, @chicagobulls, and to all of you who have reached out this week. I feel your love and support, and it means so much.
— Scottie Pippen (@ScottiePippen) April 23, 2021

While Pippen did not reveal the full details of Antron’s death, the Bulls legend did say that his son suffered from chronic asthma. Scottie even said in his post that he’s certain that his firstborn son would have made it in the NBA had it not been for his ailment.
For the Bulls, it was a touching gesture for them to have paid tribute to Antron a few days after his passing. They showed a photo of him on the big board as the entire arena took a minute to honor Antron’s death. It only felt right for the organization to do this for one of the greatest players in their franchise’s history. Scottie is an all-time great, and he was a key piece in all six of Chicago’s championships.
It’s so unnatural for a parent to mourn the loss of his/her own child. We can only imagine how tough this must be for Scottie as well as Antron’s mother, Karen. Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with the Pippen family in this time of tragedy. May Antron’s soul rest in peace.


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