LeBron James reacts to DeAndre Hopkins’ shoutout on IG

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Arizona Cardinals wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins recently shared his inspiration for changing his jersey number next season. Turns out, it’s Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James.

Following the NFL’s new lenient rules on jersey numbers, the three-time All-Pro winner hinted that he will be changing from no.10 to no.6 in his second season for the Cardinals. This eventually reached the four-time NBA MVP, who simply responded with the face with steam from nose and fire emojis.

That’s a stamp of approval from The King, right? DeAndre Hopkins has worn no.10 throughout his seven-year pro career starting with the Houston Texans before moving to Arizona last season. He did don no.6 for three years for the Clemson Tigers, where he was named an All-ACC wide receiver. Looks like 28-year-old WR wants to get back to his roots.

Hopkins is just one of several players electing to change numbers following the league’s new rule. Quarterbacks, punters, and place-kickers are now allowed to wear numbers 1-19, hence Hopkins’ decision to revert back to no.6 with the Cardinals.
LeBron James, on the other hand, is also no stranger to switching jersey numbers. He wore no.23 throughout his Cleveland Cavaliers career before changing it to no.6 upon joining the Miami Heat in 2010. LBJ was also supposed to revert back to no.6 last season, to give the no.23 to his fellow Lakers superstar Anthony Davis. Nike, however, put a wrench to those plans since it meant recalling a ton of merchandise.


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