Terry Rozier’s added motivation after victory against Celtics

Terry Rozier, Hornets, Celtics


Terry Rozier finally beat his former team. Rozier and the Charlotte Hornets took down the Boston Celtics on Sunday in a 125-104 win.

Rozier finished with 21 points, 11 assists, and 5 rebounds in the blowout victory for the Hornets against the Celtics. Rozier came out ready to battle in this game and it showed through his high intensity and effort throughout the game.

“It’s my first time beating them since leaving, so that always feels good.” — Terry Rozier on #Hornets win over Boston
— Rod Boone (@rodboone) April 25, 2021

The Hornets currently sit eighth in the Eastern Conference, at 30-30, but they are only one and a half games back of the Celtics (32-29), who sit in the sixth spot. Being a top-six seed in the conference is very vital for this year’s playoffs, since the 7-10 seeds have to go to the play-in tournament.
Sunday was a very important game for both teams as the Hornets are now gaining ground while the Celtics continue to fall after losing two straight games. Rozier and Charlotte could drag the Celtics downward into the play-in round, which would be a very unexpected plot twist. No one would have predicted that before this NBA season began.
The few veteran players leadership will be crucial in the playoffs for the Hornets as a team filled with loads of young talent.
Rozier will especially be key on the Hornets playoff run. Rozier was a big factor in Boston when he helped lead them to the Eastern Conference Finals in 2018 and will be looked upon by the young talent of the team to lead. His explosiveness on both ends of the court paired with his ability to shoot over defenders makes him a nightmare to play against. He also brings an intensity on the floor every night that is hard for opponents to match and always shows off his defensive tenacity as he often forces turnovers leading to fast break buckets.
Rozier will be a huge factor for the Hornets on their journey into the playoffs. The New York Knicks being a red-hot team and a possible No. 4 seed is the biggest surprise in the East, but Charlotte is also one of the more pleasant surprises in the conference, alongside the Atlanta Hawks.


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