Mortal Kombat tops Box Office; Critics Give Mixed Reviews

Mortal Kombat film


Mortal Kombat has been out in theaters worldwide for two weeks now. However, the film only made its debut in US theaters last weekend. Thanks to their seven-minute preview and the good reception fans gave the film prior to launch, Mortal Kombat premiered successfully. However, critical reception has been mixed, despite the commercial success the movie has been enjoying.

Mortal Kombat reboot film arrived in US theaters on April 23, 2021. During opening weekend, fans went out to watch the film, helping it reach the top of the box office. As of Sunday, April 25, Mortal Kombat grossed $22.5 million in the US. Meanwhile, it grossed $27.6 million in overseas theaters. It fought with the Demon Slayer anime film in the box office, which premiered in the same weekend.
Mortal Kombat also simultaneously released at HBO Max, as part of Warner Bros.’ strategy in reaction to COVID-19. Meanwhile, another Warner Bros. film, Godzilla vs. Kong, released simultaneously on both HBO Max and on US theaters. Released on March 31, it earned $86.7 million as of April 25.
However, despite the commercial success of Mortal Kombat, critics have been mixed. As of April 26, the film has a score of 55% on Rotten Tomatoes, and a 6.4/10 rating on IMDB. Critics went after the cast’s uncharismatic acting skills and called the hand-to-hand combat “lackluster.” The new character for the movie, the protagonist Cole Young, was also a miss for critics. Meanwhile, critics appreciated Josh Lawson’s portrayal of Kano, which many said carried the film entirely.
Hardcore fans appreciated the film, however, thanks to its faithfulness to the source material. Lines and homages to the video game series can be found throughout Mortal Kombat. “Director Simon McQuoid understands and honours the film’s video game origins,” says South China Morning Post‘s James Marsh.
According to film producer Todd Garner, there’s a possibility for a future Johnny Cage-centric film. This one may even see WWE superstar The Miz taking up the role. Meanwhile, Greg Russo reveals that the reboot is supposed to be a trilogy. Has Mortal Kombat‘s financial success so far enough to warrant a follow-up film?

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