Lamar Odom texted Kobe Bryant for weeks after his death

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Over a year later, it’s still hard to fathom that Kobe Bryant is gone. One former Los Angeles Lakers teammate, Lamar Odom, spoke about the difficulty of just coming to that reality and accepting it as fact.

Odom and Bryant played together for years in Los Angeles and like so many teammates throughout Kobe’s years with the Lakers, Odom was drawn to Kobe and inspired by his makeup. After Kobe’s passing, Odom noted one thing he continually did in the weeks following.
In an interview done on VladTV’s YouTube channel, Odom notes that he texted Kobe for weeks after his death, and even called him numerous times.

Odom noted that he couldn’t wrap his mind around the reality that his former Lakers teammate was actually gone. It was a harsh reality for many and continues to be to this day.
“I know if he was awake, and the (helicopter) was going down, I know he was the one telling everybody, ‘We’re gonna be alright.’ You know what I’m saying? Just trying to be there for everybody. I don’t know, it’s hard for me to see someone I love so much kinda go like that too.” – Lamar Odom.
The former Lakers forward said one of the hardest parts is knowing that believe it or not, Kobe Bryant was just getting started and had so many things left to accomplish and do.
“He could’ve been an incredible coach. Girls coach, women’s coach, just pick his basketball brains. His knowledge (was) incredible. Just his will…” – Odom.
Lamar Odom isn’t the first and won’t be the last to still speak on the Lakers legend. Michael Jordan will be presenting Kobe Bryant at Hall of Fame induction ceremony on on May 15th as the 2020 class is honored. 

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