DJ Boof Has Something To Say About Nicki Minaj And Today’s Music Of Female Artists

DJ Boof Has Something To Say About Nicki Minaj And Today's Music Of Female Artists


DJ Boof really wanted to get some things off his chest and he dropped a message about Nicki Minaj and today’s female artists. Someone said: ‘Here go men trying to put us against each other again…. Nicki is a goat. No one can take that from her. Though everyone is entitled to their own opinion, what we not finna do is (discredit the rest of us female rappers to uplift another female rapper). We don’t have to compete or compare because we are all our own person we can’t be Nicki and she can’t be us . There’s room for all of us. We all have fans that feels like each one of us are the best. I said that to say YOU DONT HAVE TO LEAVE $H!T ON OUR LAWN TO DELIVER NICKI HER FLOWERS CAUSE TRUTHFULLY A LOT OF US MISS HER TOO.’ RELATED: Nicki Minaj Wants To Collaborate With Beyonce For Duets Album A commenter posted this: ‘Not a lie insight. The only one kinda holding it down is Doja.’ Someone else posted this: ‘When the bar is set so high ion think they can come close ?’ and one other follower said: ‘Them other female rappers gone feel salty about this.’ RELATED: T.I. Holds The Number One Spot On Apple Music Charts – Some Fans Say He’s Competing With Nicki Minaj’s Queen Radio A follower said: ‘I’m tired of this energy only being directed at female artist tho like these men bringing anything different to the table.’ One follower said: ‘It’s a lot of hard female rappers that ain’t getting enough mainstream attention or they just underground…..but yall ain’t ready for that convo.’ A fan said: ‘Y’all used to say Nicki sounded the same too now y’all miss her. It’s called having a style, a flow. Damn. Bandwaggoners ?’ What do you think about the music these days especially about female artists? Stay tuned for more news.


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