Stephen Curry’s 91-word reaction to embarrassing loss

Golden State Warriors, Stephen Curry


San Francisco, CA – It was a long evening for the Golden State Warriors after enduring another embarrassing setback. This time at the hands of Luka Doncic and the Dallas Mavericks. The Mavs stomped the Warriors 133-103.

Irritation was on the faces of all the Warriors players as they took turns speaking with the media after the game. This game was considered the most important of the season for the Dubs, and they blew it.
“You want to turn the page. You understand that Mavs are a talented team. They get paid to play basketball just like we do. Some nights, it looks like they get paid more across the board,” Warriors superstar Stephen Curry said.
There’s only ten games left in the regular season. It’s Curry’s job to get the most out of his team. The Warriors have been eyeing the sixth seed for months, hoping to avoid being in the play-in games. Dropping this game might have made that impossible.
“So it’s just a matter of us trying to remember who we are, remember our identity, not dwell on it too long, and find a way to keep our confidence. Who we’ve shown ourselves to be over this last little stretch in 10 games and sprint to the finish line. We still have a good opportunity,” Curry told the media.
It’s a night the team would like to move past, but it might be the game that hurts the most. It could be the game that mattered most.
Stephen Curry and company have a favorable schedule to end a very strenuous season. The Warriors, obviously, believe they can win all of their upcoming games. But thinking that’s possible isn’t enough. They have to actually do it.

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