Jimmy Garopolo, Bill Belichick reunion possible

Jimmy Garoppolo, Bill Belichick, Patriots, 2021 NFL Draft


If you’re a New England Patriots fan, don’t worry about your team’s rough 2020 season. If recent rumors are to be believed, Bill Belichick and the Patriots could be on their way back real quick. Here’s the cherry on top: their potential resurgence might be coming back on one of the most heartwarming reunions of 2021. That’s right, Jimmy Garoppolo might be coming home, according to a reliable source close to the team, per Boston sports insider Dale Arnold:

What I’ve been told, by a reliable source —- @Patriots are working on a new contract for Jimmy G that could lead to a deal with @49ers. Same source who correctly told me Tom Brady had signed with @Buccaneers. Doesn’t mean it will get done, but they’re working on it.
— Dale Arnold (@DaleEArnold) April 28, 2021

If this source really predicted Tom Brady’s departure for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, then it’s definitely dependable. The question remains though: how do they get this deal done, and what does this mean for New England in the upcoming NFL Draft?
For now, the draft order seems pretty set with the San Francisco 49ers supposedly making the biggest move leading up to it with their move from the 12th to the 3rd pick. But the Atlanta Falcons have been shopping their fourth overall pick, and Ohio State’s Justin Fields’ draft stock has been falling due to the rise of Mac Jones. The Patriots were expected to make a move up, at the very least, to take advantage of one of the quarterbacks’ inevitable slip down the draft order.
If this is Belichick’s master plan, then this throws that all out of the window. Belichick was reportedly very unhappy at the prospect of trading Garoppolo away, with the 49ers’ deal being seen as petty revenge against team owner Robert Kraft. Garoppolo was also riding the highest highs, according to pundits, during his short tenure with the Patriots.
If the two are able to reunite, this might be the reunion story of the year: two big names looking to recover their former glory with one another? That’s the stuff of sports movies.

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