LeBron James’ early Shaqtin moment nearly takes out ref

LeBron James Lakers Shaqtin


LeBron James was a bit rusty in his first game back for the Los Angeles Lakers on Friday night. So much so, that one of his early passes made it all the way to Shaqtin a Fool.

Here’s LeBron nearly taking out the game official with this horrendous and hilarious errant pass:

LeBron almost nailed the ref with this pass ? #Shaqtin pic.twitter.com/lhWYMwFabo
— Shaqtin’ a Fool (@shaqtin) May 1, 2021

The Lakers were clearly not looking like a well-oiled machine in this particular sequence. The botched play ended in quite a fitting way with LeBron throwing a bullet pass way out of bounds.
James saw something in the corner of his eye which prompted the no-look bullet pass. Unfortunately for him, it turned out to be the referee. Kudos to the official though, for his quickness and dexterity. That pass had quite a bit of zip on it and it would have painfully landed on the referee’s face had it not been for his quick reaction.
Let’s cut The King some slack here. He spent several weeks on the sidelines nursing an ankle injury, so a bit of rust was to be expected. It shouldn’t take long before he gets back up to speed though, with the Lakers looking to improve their positioning out West. Anthony Davis has also returned for the defending champs, so things are looking up for the Lakers right about now.


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