LeBron James, Anthony Davis show perfect ball movement

Lakers, LeBron James, Anthony Davis, Andre Drummond


The Los Angeles Lakers, with LeBron James and Anthony Davis back on the roster, showed off their chemistry and ball movement on Sunday against the Toronto Raptors in a possession that ended with an Andre Drummond slam.

Check the Lakers’ ball movement below. It started off with a great read by Davis to kick the ball out after a double team. James, who always makes the right plays, noticed the defense scrambling. Of course, the way to exploit this is to swing the ball around.

Everybody touches the ball, and Dre finishes it off ? pic.twitter.com/bhjj3miFle
— Los Angeles Lakers (@Lakers) May 3, 2021

It’s just LeBron James’ second game back from a high ankle sprain. However, he has clearly never lost his basketball instincts. The same goes for Anthony Davis, who sat out longer than James. Though they were not playing, Lakers fans still witnessed how active they were during timeouts and off-ball situations. They were constantly giving their teammates tips which, in turn, kept them sharp.
Most teams have less than 10 games left to play. Unfortunately for the Lakers, this means that they have to win as many games as possible and at the same time, wish for other teams to lose. After the injuries to James and Davis, the Purple and Gold slowly plummeted down the Western Conference standings. Now, they are at risk of going into the play-in tournament where they could be booted out of playoff contention.


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