Golden State is in ‘survival mode,’ per Steve Kerr

Steve Kerr, Warriors


The 2020-21 NBA journey started for the Golden State Warriors and Steve Kerr on December 12, 2020. The Dubs beat the Denver Nuggets 107-105 on a Saturday night in the preseason. Nearly six months later, we are quickly approaching the finish line to a season the Dubs have seen so many up and down moments.

“It’s been tough, but that’s true for every team in the league. And I talked to other coaches about this, and we’re all just in survival mode,” Steve Kerr told ClutchPoints about the Warriors.
This NBA schedule wasn’t favorable for any team this year. But it seemed especially difficult for the Warriors. Playing so many games in a short time meant less practice. Less practice for a team with a lot of young talented players is a recipe for disaster.
“This year, everybody’s dealing with injuries, COVID absences, condensed games,” Kerr added.
The Warriors put together a decent season despite all of the injuries they’ve endured during a fast-paced schedule. The team has been without star Klay Thompson the entire season. Draymond Green and Stephen Curry both missed time this year because of injuries.
Then on April 10, the Dubs’ lost their first-round draft pick James Wiseman for the rest of the season, who suffered a torn meniscus. These are just a few injuries the Warriors have been managing.
“But I think everybody in the league has understood that we’re responsible for keeping the league going and try to get through this season,” Kerr said. “And get to the point where we can get our fans back in the buildings and feel like we’re back to normal again,” Kerr explained.
All players aren’t happy about the NBA’s new play-in tournament. The Warriors are still fighting for the highest seed possible.
Every game is like a playoff game — that is the Warriors’ current mindset. They face the Pelicans again Tuesday as they try to leave New Orleans 2-0.


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