Anthony Davis gets cheesy when choosing his super power

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None other than Los Angeles Lakers star Anthony Davis flocked to Reddit to hold an Ask Me Anything with his legion of fans. One fan, in particular, asked the All-Star about his dream superpower. Davis had an interesting and extra cheesy answer.

In the Reddit AMA, a fan gave him three choices on what he would like to be his superpower: flight, teleportation, or invisibility. Davis chose the ability to teleport then clearly explained the reason behind it:
“I would choose the ability to teleport. It seems weird to be invisible and have no one notice you, and flying I don’t really care about. But being able to teleport and get point A to point B anywhere in the world would be the best for me. It would be even better if someone could hold onto me and we could teleport together.”
Peep some of Davis’ interesting answers below as culled by Harrison Faigen of SB Nation.

Some of the highlights of AD’s AMA today, from him talking his time at the Olympics, getting lit up by David West as a rookie and which superpower he would want
— Harrison Faigen (@hmfaigen) May 4, 2021

It would be interesting to find out who the Lakers big man intends to bring during his travels. Is it his teammate LeBron James? His significant other? A loved one? Who knows? Maybe in his next AMA, Davis would want to further expound on his answer.
But for now, Davis and his team need to focus on the last few games of the season. As of writing, they hold the fifth spot in the Western Conference. After snagging a huge victory over the Denver Nuggets on Wednesday, the Lakers will face the L.A. Clippers on Thursday. Let’s see if they can steal one over their rivals.


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