Electronic Arts acquires Super Mega Baseball

Super Mega Baseball, Metalhead Studios, Electronic Arts


Electronic Arts announced Wednesday that it has acquired Metalhead Software, creators of the popular baseball game Super Mega Baseball.

Is EA Sports bringing baseball back with Super Mega Baseball?
EA’s recent shopping of sports-related developers may be a sign of things to come. It might be that EA Sports will be expanding, and it needs all hands on deck to help them do so. After all, most of EA Sports’ resources right now focuses on the lucrative FIFA series. But that won’t be enough for EA Sports: they need to bring in more sports fans to their crowd. Their purchase of Codemasters gets the F1 racing got the motor side of things covered. And now, EA also acquired Metalhead Software.
EA Sports hasn’t released a single game since its MVP 07: NCAA Baseball in 2007. They lost the rights to produce Major League Baseball games in 2005. 2K has been producing MLB games since, but it seems like EA Sports would like to challenge them again.
While EA looks forward to working with the Canadian developers on Super Mega Baseball, that’s not all the deal is about. According to their press release, Metalhead will also “develop new gaming and sports experiences for players worldwide.” By new, we assume that it’s not their existing IPs.
Details of the acquisition haven’t been made public. We’re also not aware of any plans to release a new entry to the series this year. Unlike 2K Games, Metalhead Software doesn’t release a new version of their baseball game every year. Since Super Mega Baseball 3 came out in just 2020, we might not see a new one until after next year.


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