visual overhaul and junkyard crane arrives

Rust update, Facepunch Studios


Exploring the Rust world will become a better experience starting this May update. With updated new visuals and environment textures, Rust now has one of the most visually appealing worlds in a game.

Rust Update for May 2021 makes the world look so beautiful

The May 2021 update for Rust makes the world a better place. The new environment textures give the game a much-needed facelift. Many of the world’s features and landmarks also received updates. The May update also brings the game up to modern standards. Since the game is almost a decade old now, technology has progressed so much since its release. The Rust May Update will make use of Nvidia Reflex to reduce latency for a smoother experience.
Check out the entire patch notes here.
Among the different landmarks in the game, the junkyard has received the most significant change, gameplay-wise. A new junkyard crane arrived in the game, which players can use to crush vehicles for scraps. This great addition to the game will make sure that the environment will remain clean and green. Recycling for the win!
However, note that you can only use the junkyard crane within the premises of the junkyard. Try to drive it too far and it will self-destruct. This has been added in the game to make sure that it will not be used for griefing. Imagine having to defend your base from another player’s rampaging junkyard crane. That being said, this mechanic still feels a bit forced and immersion killing. Gameplay over immersion seems like.

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