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Derrick Rose admits spying on LeBron James with Cavs


New York Knicks veteran Derrick Rose has been around the NBA for quite a bit now. Nevertheless, despite his stature as one of the most respected players in the league today, D-Rose still remains to be a student of the game. So much so, that he once resorted to spying on none other than LeBron James.

In a recent interview, Rose came to the admission that he actually did a bit of reconnaissance work on LeBron during their time together as teammates with the Cavs:
“I was kind of spying on him the entire time while I was there even though he didn’t notice,” said the Knicks point guard, via Orlando Silva of Fadeaway World. “I was looking at everything that he did. You have to. Looking at the master. So, I took everything in and I think I learned from him.”
Rose is an all-time great, but even he could not pass up the opportunity to learn from one of the greatest to have ever played the game. This also speaks volumes of Rose’s humility and how he approaches the game. Not even the fact that he was the youngest MVP ever has stopped him from trying to improve on his craft.
Derrick Rose teamed up with LeBron in Cleveland in 2017. It ended up being a brief and rather unsuccessful spell, with the Cavs trading him away after just half a season. As it turns out, however, Rose was still able to benefit from his forgettable stint in Cleveland. After all, very few get the privilege to play alongside the great LeBron James. D-Rose made sure to take full advantage of that opportunity.

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