Robert Kraft confesses his unbridled love for Tom Brady

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Even with Tom Brady now suiting up for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft still loves himself some TB12.

How do I know this? Tickle me glad you asked. It’s since the Patriots owner recently went on record stating as much.
“Excited to have him,” Patriots owner Robert Kraft told about Tom Brady returning to play in Week 4. “He’s a great guy, and he did so much for us. I love him.”
See! He used the word love!
TMZ — because of course it’s TMZ — also poked and prodded Kraft about the gunslinger situation happening with the Patriots. In an excellent move of deflection, Robert Kraft attempted to stay in his lane.
“I pay Bill [Belichick] a lot of money,” Patriots owner Robert Kraft said with a laugh. “Let him decide.”
It’s already being reported that the price of tickets for Brady’s return to the northeast is skyrocketing. Who knows whether or not that evens out at some point.
Nevertheless, Patriots owner Robert Kraft loves the guy (Tom Brady) who helped him win a billion Super Bowls. Who knew? Well, outside of literally everyone and anyone who has a few brain cells. Those people all already knew.

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