Miranda Kerr Says She’s Really Happy For Ex-Husband Orlando Bloom For Having Found Katy Perry – Here’s Why!

Miranda Kerr Says She's Really Happy For Ex-Husband Orlando Bloom For Having Found Katy Perry - Here's Why!


During a new interview, the model opened up about her relationship with her ex’s fiancee, Katy Perry ! There is no secret that she is really close with Orlando Bloom as well as with his current lady love but now, Miranda Kerr got into more detail about what makes everything so harmonious between them! As it turns out, Miranda thinks ‘a happy mother and father’ is ‘the most important thing’ when it comes to raising up their 10 year old son, Flynn. RELATED: Ellen DeGeneres Receives Support From Katy Perry Amid Talk Show Controversy So, she would want nothing less for her baby daddy than for him to be happy and have love in his life. While at The Wall Street Journal’s The Future of Everything Festival, Miranda Kerr gushed over Bloom’s parenting skills and also opened up about their co-parenting relationship and his current relationship. ‘I just feel so happy Orlando found someone who makes him happy, because at the end of the day, for our Flynn to have a happy father and a happy mother’s the most important thing.… Flynn’s always been the priority and making sure he felt safe and felt, you know, comfortable. Just putting all his needs first, like, ‘Is this in his best interest,’ no matter what we did.’ RELATED: Robert Pattinson And Katy Perry Finally Dating After His Split From FKA Twigs? But in addition to that type of thinking, another thing that makes being friendly with Orlando and his fiancee super easy is that Kerr actually likes Katy Perry a lot! And now that she and Orlando share a baby girl as well, they all seem to be a big, happy family! ‘Fortunately for me, I absolutely adore Katy. I feel so happy Orlando has her, just like I am so grateful I found my husband a bit over a year after Orlando and I had separated. At the time I didn’t think I would ever be in another long-term, committed relationship. I was just pleasantly surprised that I found Evan and how complementary we are to each other.’


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