Vanessa Bryant’s message to Michael Jordan in Hall of Fame

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As the late Los Angeles Lakers great Kobe Bryant was enshrined in the Hall of Fame on Saturday, her wife Vanessa Bryant didn’t forget to thank one of the people who made it even more special: Michael Jordan.

Jordan agreed to become the presenter for Kobe, fulfilling one of the wishes of the Lakers icon who wanted MJ or Phil Jackson to present him in the prestigious event.
Vanessa has nothing but love and appreciation for the Chicago Bulls legend, sharing how important it was for them to see him honoring Bryant in the Hall of Fame.
“Kobe admired you. This means so much to us,” Vanessa told Jordan, who was behind her during her Hall of Fame speech, per Mark Medina of USA Today.
Michael Jordan considered Kobe Bryant his little brother, and as everyone knows, the Black Mamba tried to emulate His Airness and even patterned his game on his style of play. Not to mention that they have the same mentality and approach to the game–highlighted by their desire to win at all cost, in all aspects not only on the basketball court.
It was an emotional day for Vanessa Bryant and everyone in the Hall of Fame ceremony as they all remembered and reflected on the life of Kobe, who passed away in 2020 along with his daughter Gianna in a tragic helicopter crash. However, Jordan, Vanessa and the rest of the Hall of Fame certainly made sure the Lakers champ was properly honored in what is a major highlight of his career as an athlete.

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