Camila Cabello Is Cinderella in First Look at Fairytale Reboot Coming to Amazon This Fall

Camila Cabello Is Cinderella in First Look at Fairytale Reboot Coming to Amazon This Fall

The first images of singer Camila Cabello as Cinderella in the newest take on the classic fairy tale have been released, also allowing a glimpse of Nicholas Galitzine as her dashing Prince Charming. The film, directed by Kay Cannon, who helmed runaway musical hit Pitch Perfect, premieres on Amazon Prime in September and features an ensemble cast including Billy Porter, Idina Menzel, Pierce Brosnan, and Minnie Driver.
It could seem like we are being given too many remakes of the magical fantasy, following Disney’s own revamp of the bedtime story in 2015, but according to the press release, Cannon’s take on the slipper-losing Princess could be something a little more imaginative than Disney’s straightforward remake. The new movie gives story credit to James Corden, who also produces, which in itself makes an intriguing talking point if nothing else.
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The movie was originally slated to be released in cinemas in February this year, but the last months of the COVID-19 pandemic led to the type of delay that has impacted much of the industry in the last year. It was announced at the beginning of the month that Amazon Studios had bought up the screening rights to allow it to go direct to their Prime Video service instead.
Amazon announced their exclusive acquisition in a press statement, which included the first images of what to expect in the Fall. The first image showed Camila Cabello, apparently in mid-song, as the downtrodden Princess before her transformation into the girl Prince Robert (Galitzine) falls in love with. The second image shows the couple at the palace ball, staring lovingly into each other’s eyes as the magical story unfolds.

The release went on to reveal some details of what else can be expected from this new contemporary take on the story.
“Cinderella is a classic we all know and love, but this time with a modern unique twist and starring the sensational Camila Cabello and an all-star cast. Producer James Corden and the filmmaking team have taken this beloved fairy tale and revamped it with a fresh, empowering perspective that will resonate with audiences and families around the world. We couldn’t be more excited for our global customers to sing and dance along to director Kay Cannon’s reimagining of this classic story,” announced Jennifer Salke, the Head of Amazon Studios.
While the movie will obviously not feature any of the songs made famous by the Disney Animated Classic, the release did confirm that there would be plenty of singing, which would include cover versions of “some of the top-selling musical artists of all time”, as well as original numbers written by musical star Idina Menzel and Cabello.
These days it is not at all unusual to see attempts to update classic stories, with contemporary settings and diverse character portrayals, which are not always to the liking of fans of the original, but are often important to, and well received by a new generation. With a Latina Cinderella on the cards, and Billy Porter’s “Fab G” taking over from the traditional Fairy Godmother, it seems like this Cinderella is one that is going to divide opinions between new and old fans once again. Cinderella will hit Amazon Prime this September.

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