Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker Release Date and Details

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The Final Fantasy XIV Digital Fan Festival packed quite the experience for the game’s fans around the world. Even if it was entirely digital, fans felt a lot of emotions from the show, mostly thanks to the wholesome producers. It was a fun-filled event full of emotions and the heartfelt gratitude of fans and producers expressed towards each other. But as a way to bring forth the next step in this very wonderful relationship, Square Enix announced Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker‘s Release Date and Details during the event.

Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker Release Date: November 23, 2021

Square Enix also unveiled the official trailer for Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker during the Digital Fan Festival. Major plot points that players will have to unveil and experience in the latest expansion showed up in the trailer. It sets the tone of what players will have to expect in their next foray into Eorza. The hype only amplified with the reveal of Endwalker‘s release date after the video. Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker release date is on November 23, 2021.
The expansion is extra special, having both a Physical Collector’s Edition along with the Digital Collector’s Edition. The Physical Collector’s Edition will contain a special art box, a Warrior of Light Paladin statue, an art collection and frameset, an Azem pin, and a cute Loporrit plush. The Physical Collector’s Edition retails for $140. Meanwhile, the Digital Collector’s Edition will cost less at only $60. Buying the Digital Collector’s Edition gets you a new Arion mount, a Wind-Up Porom Minion, and a Death Scythe Reaper weapon. Just getting the base Digital version will only cost $40.

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