Pablo Andujar vs Roger Federer is for the grandkids

Gonet Geneva Open, Pablo Andujar, Roger Federer


Pablo Andujar is going to use his second round match in the Gonet Geneva Open against the great Roger Federer as a moment he’ll never forget. Or, more accurately, it’ll be a moment in his life that’ll be for his grandkids.

“[I am] really, really excited. It was something that I wanted, to have a match against Roger, just to tell my kids and my grandkids when I get older that I played him,” Pablo Andujar said about his contest with Roger Federer. “This is something that for a long time I was looking for. I played Rafa, I played Novak, and I had to close that gap. I knew I was not going to have as many opportunities because years go on. I’m really excited and really happy to play Roger, and in Switzerland as well.”
The two tennis stars will clash in the Gonet Geneva Open on Tuesday. It’ll be the first time the two have squared off.
Roger Federer is bleeping Roger Federer and doesn’t really need any qualifiers attached to his name.
As for Pablo Andujar, he’s won four ATP titles; though this specific match, despite being 35, might be the biggest of his career in terms of becoming a household name.
Nonetheless, here’s to hoping he has a good showing in this second round Gonet Geneva Open matchup. Otherwise, this story for the grandkids might turn out to be a nightmare.

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