Genshin Impact Battlefront: Misty Dungeon Event Guide

Genshin Impact Battlefront Misty Dungeon Guide


Eula’s banner has just dropped and Version 1.6 is already set to arrive in a few weeks. However, miHoYo still has something in store for us for version 1.5. This time, we have the new dungeon-like trial gauntlet called Battlefront: Misty Dungeon. Here, players navigate rooms, encounter mechanisms, and face foes and traps, all scattered randomly around the vast dungeon. This event will definitely be for those who love engaging in continuous combat without the luxury of preparing a suitable team with matching equipment and artifacts.

Battlefront: Misty Dungeon consists of six trials. It starts with two on the first day of the event and unlocking two additional trials every two days. Each trial has its own theme related to a style of combat. Each also has its own challenges, mobs, traps, mechanisms, and Ley Line disorders that affect the whole ordeal.
To begin, players need to access the events overview button found at the top of the screen in-game. On the event page, players will be able to choose the trial they want to do, which then directs them to the specific trial page.
Genshin Impact Battlefront: Misty Dungeon Trials
You can find the dungeon on the trial page, so take note of them when you build your team. Some Trial Quests provide rewards like Mora, materials, and Primogems.
On the next page, players are to set up a team from the list of trial characters given for the specific trial. The Ley Line disorder for the dungeon will be visible, so consider this when building your team. Take note that you don’t need to own the trial characters to be able to use them. The trial characters have a set of equipment that you can’t change. Don’t worry, though, because each of them has ideal stats and gear. All you need to worry about is the synergy and the elements you’ll need to bring for the dungeon.
Once in the trial dungeon, you have one main objective: unlock and conquer the Final Challenge. In order to do this, you first have to unlock three Ancient Runes scattered around the dungeon. There are other challenges apart from this, though. Some rooms possess Benediction Challenges which provide great bonuses to your party once unlocked. Just keep in mind of the dungeon’s timer, so focus on the main task at hand.
Unlocking Ancient Runes in Misty Dungeon
Once players unlock their first Ancient Rune, a tall beam of red light will signal the next one. It will show the location of the next Ancient Rune. Though players are free to rush towards the next Ancient Rune, there’s generally enough time to pass by and unlock a Benediction nearby and give themselves a good advantage for the rest of the run.
There are four Benedictions available for the player, and each one provides a significant bonus for your party. Rejuvenation, which appears as a yellow teardrop with wings and a halo, revives and fully restores the HP of all your party members once completed. Plunder, which appears as an upright red sword, provides your party with a massive ATK increase. Godspeed, which appears blue and looks similar to the wings of Hermes’ sandals, provides your team with a good boost to their Movement Speed. Finally, Everlasting, which appears as a cyan-colored timepiece, greatly extends the dungeon’s timer.
Traps and Hazards in Misty Dungeon
Apart from these four Benedictions, there are also numerous traps and hazards riddled around the passageways. Since players can’t use food consumables, including those that heal, be careful not to damage yourself too much from these when navigating between rooms. Along with traps are elemental sentries that attack the player. Players can disable them when attacked with an element that creates a reaction with the sentry. These sentries don’t pose that much of a threat, so you can either avoid them or disable them quickly with the right attack.
Also sometimes, small orbs appear around the map which, when picked up, gives characters a small boost to their speed, ATK, or even health, so pick these up whenever you see them.
Once all three Ancient Runes have been unlocked and other optional mechanisms completed, players will need to find the room leading to the final Arena located deep below the dungeon grounds. Be careful when you enter, because it’s going to be a tall drop. Activate the Final Challenge, and defeat the waves of enemies appearing within the challenge to complete the trial and reap the rewards.
Making the most out of Genshin Impact Battlefront: Misty Dungeon
There isn’t much strategy to beating this dungeon, as the trial quests are quite easy to accomplish and the trial characters are generously equipped to make combat a breeze. However, players could give themselves a good challenge by completing ALL challenges that can be located within the dungeon, and even finish them all as fast as they possibly could. This event can also be used to test out characters players don’t own (or haven’t leveled) yet, and the dungeon definitely provides the level of freedom and challenge that’s great for testing out such characters.
Battlefront: Misty Dungeon will last for 10 days, and players are free to test out certain characters or new compositions for the duration of this event. Each trial provides 70 Primogems (along with other rewards), which adds up to a total of 420 Primogems once everything is completed.
Surely, you don’t want to miss out on this, right?

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